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who are we?

IDEA company, commercially known as “IDEA marketing research institute” has started its activity since 2015. In the beginning, all the activities of the company were limited to prosecuting marketing research projects on domestic generative and industrial plants, however, after the admirable determination and hard work done by Dr.Bazazzadeh, the founder and manager of the company, The company has succeeded to expand its service borders internationally, establishing its first office in Iraq in 2017, the second office in Uzbekistan in 2020, and most recently in Ivory Coast in 2021.

Simplifying the process of exporting goods from Iran & Dubai to other countries has been the main concentration of “Idea marketing research institute” in the past recent years. Playing the role of the representative of the foreign costumers, We offer a wide variety of services to them. What makes our services more impressive is that we purchase Iranian or Dubai productions directly! More clearly, Firstly, the foreign costumers inform us about their order, then we IDEA company would start to look for the demanded goods for the best price in Iran & Dubai on behalf of them. After finding the demanded productions, we will provide services below:

  • Initially Planning a “plant visiting and monitoring” trip to Iran & Dubai for the foreign customers
  • Evaluating the rank of the supplier company compared with other producers in market
  • Verifying all certifications provided by the producer company in governmental organizations
  • Evaluating the quality of the goods produced by the Iranian or Dubai plant in valid national and international laboratories located in Iran & Dubai
  • Negotiating with the producer company on behalf of the customer in the shortest period of time possible
  • Monitoring selling process on behalf of the customer
  • Prosecuting researching activities in order to find better suppliers if required
  • Prosecuting all required paperwork and monitoring activities that a foreign customer would deliver to an Iranian or Dubai representative company to be followed up, without any further concerns

Having a strong researching network all over Iran & Dubai makes IDEA marketing research institute able to pursue a wide range of marketing research projects and …help foreign customers find their desired producers and manufacturers with the lowest price possible. The considerable point is, we are not a dealer (broker) company! Meaning that we are not supposed to just connect two parties of the contract, rather, we simplify the process of purchasing Iranian or Dubai products. As a result, due to the capability of IDEA company in prosecuting researching projects and finding the best suppliers in Iran & Dubai, we would be able to help customers who are unfamiliar with the Iranian & Dubai market.

We will be your representative in Iran & Dubai!

We are a representative company for foreign buyers!

The most important thing about the idea company is that it is not a broker or a marketer or an intermediary! Our main goal is to introduce more than 95 thousand production and industrial units in Iran & Dubai. Wherever you are in the world, you can follow up your price inquiry and purchase through Idea Market Research Company. We are a market research company that helps buyers from African, Arab, and other countries to find their desired suppliers or factories in Iran & Dubai. It should be noted that more than 95 thousand production and industrial units are operating in Iran & Dubai. It is necessary for you to know that many goods are produced in Iran & Dubai; Some of them are listed below:

1. Motor oil industry & Engine oil
2. Motor and car tires & Tube
3. Ceramic tiles
4. Electrical appliances
5. Different types of food
6. All kinds of plastic products
7. All kinds of industrial machines
8. Slippers, sandals, bags and shoes
9. Helmets and safety equipment
10. And dozens of other industries that are not listed above!

If you as a buyer want to make a purchase from Iran & Dubai. We can get the price of the goods you requested from Iranian & Dubai factories for free. After you realize that the prices of Iranian & Dubai factory goods are attractive and suitable for you; We can arrange your trip to Iran or Dubai. Our services include two basic parts:

1. The first part is done free of charge:

conducting market research and checking the price and quality of the product you requested from factories in Iran & Dubai, which is done for free.

2. The second part includes paying the fees:

getting a visa to travel to Iran & Dubai and coordinating a visit to the factories you want to buy from. and helping you to get representation from the factories you have chosen. In this section, Idea Market Research Company will charge you according to the type of project. Our salary consists of two parts: travel expenses and the second part as a percentage of the total purchase, which we will agree with you.

Important point: The most important point is for you to know that we are not a broker or an intermediary between you and the seller and we are going to help you find the best supplier or factory. We do not take any salary or commission from Iranian & Dubai factories so that they cannot persuade us to take you to their factories. Our main goal is to work only for you based on honesty and truthfulness. That is, we want to represent the buyer. That is, we want to be your trustee in Iran & Dubai. The slogan of our company is speed, precision and honesty in doing our projects.

Quantitative and qualitative marketing research

We have a field questioning team of 50 people in all provinces and cities of Iran & Dubai. Implementation of various quantitative and qualitative marketing research projects is our main expertise. We have an official license from Iran Statistics Center, and we can officially carry out your scientific and specialized market research in Iran & Dubai. The implementation of various market research and marketing research projects, both quantitative and qualitative, is the main specialty of our company:

Qualitative Research

Idea company implements qualitative marketing research projects in Iran & Dubai:

  • Focus Group projects
  • Mini Group projects
  • IDI projects
  • Structured Interview projects
  • Mystery Shopping projects
  • Home Visit projects
  • Shop Along projects
  • Immersions projects

Quantitative Research

Idea company implements quantitative marketing research projects in Iran & Dubai:

  • Face to Face projects
  • CATI & TI projects
  • Web Survey / Mail Survey projects
  • Mail Survey projects
  • Panel Survey projects
  • Diary projects
  • Retail Audit projects
  • Retail Census projects
  • CAPI projects
Marketing research in Dubai

Idea Forever Marketing Research is based in Dubai. That’s why we have the ability to do any type of marketing research for you! Undoubtedly, Dubai is the main hub of trade and export and import in the Middle East region. We are not dealers, brokers or marketers! We are your agent to buy goods from Dubai! We are here to find the best manufacturer, factory or supplier for you! contact us: +971561544177

Market research in Arab countries

The Arab world consists of 22 countries, 10 of which are in Africa and 12 in the Middle East. The population of about 400 million Arabic speakers in the world is spread over an area of 13 million square kilometers. One of the most important and richest Arab countries in the Middle East region is the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. We have marketing activities in these countries. Our office is in Dubai.

Marketing research in Iran

Iran is a very big country. Iran has more than 30 provinces. There are more than 95,000 industrial and production units in Iran. We can find you the best manufacturer, supplier or factory in Iran. We are your representative to buy from Iran! Of course, we can also help international factories and manufacturers who want to market and sell their products in Iran! Call us to guide you: +989123137419

IDEA Marketing Research Company

Implementation of marketing research projects in Iran & Dubai

We are your representative to buy from Iran and Dubai market!

Iran WhatsApp: +989123137419
Dubai WhatsApp: +971561544177